Ages 18 Months to 3 Years

Our uniquely prepared environment is designed to foster the toddler’s natural curiosity and sense of independence. The certified teachers in the Toddler Community ensure that each child’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs are met in a nurturing and warm environment. The space and furniture in the class are also customized to allow for optimal learning opportunities.

Through simple tasks, such as working on potty training, dressing/undressing themselves, and serving their own snack, to more challenging activities such as completing multi-step lessons and assembling an intricate puzzle, toddlers are continually being stimulated and exposed to inviting and creative materials. By cultivating and encouraging this independence, toddlers feel empowered and capable. This new-found confidence will serve as a building block for future academic success.

Montessori Moments toddlers at work

Ages 3 to 5

Children are natural learners and the Primary class nurtures and encourages this love of learning in an academically enriched and creative environment. Our certified teachers are dedicated to helping the children develop skills to discover knowledge on their own. The prepared environment ensures that there are materials to challenge students at all levels, allowing quick learners to move on while others can take the time they need to fully grasp each concept without feeling rushed. Our students do not have a fear of falling behind nor are they bored waiting for others to catch up. By allowing the children the freedom to learn at their own pace, our environment encourages the development of self-discipline and time management.

Montessori Moments primary students at work

1st to 3rd Grade

The core of our elementary program is composed of language arts, mathematics, science, geography, social studies, and history. The children excel academically because the classroom is prepared so that it takes full advantage of their innate desire for knowledge and supports their individual learning styles. Each student has direct contact with the materials and is not held to the pace and interest of the teacher nor the other students. The Montessori curriculum is based on mastery. The students must demonstrate competent mastery of a lesson before being introduced to the next level. This ensures that a solid foundation of knowledge is built for the next level to rest upon. One of the most fundamental and important attributes of a Montessori education is to impart life skills to students, such as organization, concentration and time management that ensure a successful academic career as well as enhance their life experiences.

Montessori Moments elementary students at work

All Ages

We offer a wide variety of optional enrichment programs on campus. From an outstanding art program to developmental gymnastics, each program is carefully chosen to make learning fun and foster early childhood development.

Montessori Moments primary students at work

Simply Fresh Nutrition

We feel that proper nutrition is just as important to growing minds as proper academic stimulation. For that reason, we offer The Simply Fresh Kitchen lunch program. The Simply Fresh Kitchen is an independent, third party company that cooks and packages school lunches fresh each morning. They use fresh, locally sourced produce and other whole foods to make nutrient dense, delicious meals each day. You can find more information, including menus, at their website, The Simply Fresh Kitchen.

The Simply Fresh Kitchen

All Ages

Our Summer Program is optional and available to all current and future students and their siblings. The Montessori philosophy continues to be built into an exciting and fun-filled educational summer program. Our teachers use their Montessori training and experience to plan an engaging, theme-based and age appropriate curriculum, which includes weekly cooking projects, art projects, in-house field trips, and special Friday activities. Some of our previous themes have included “Rainforests, Oceans, and Space”; “Time Travelers”; and “Around the World”.

Summer Calendar 2019


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