Principal & Founder 

Ms. Zara was born in Iran and was educated in Spain at an International School. She moved to Houston in 1982 to attend the University of Houston. She was first introduced to the Montessori philosophy while studying developmental psychology at the university. When her children were five and two, she decided to open her own school. With her knowledge of Montessori, she knew it would be the ideal educational setting. Ms. Zara has strived throughout the years to create a family friendly and nurturing environment for the children, their families and the s



Administrative Director 

Ms. Leila holds a MA in economics and politics from the University of London and taught as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Houston-Downtown. Leila’s two sons have attended Montessori Moments through 3rd grade. During that time she has been part of our community as a parent volunteer and served in various positions. After completing her Director’s course, she joined our administrative staff permanently. 



Curriculum Director

Ms. Loraine has been a Montessori Primary teacher since 1985. She is a graduate of the Houston Montessori Center and joined the Montessori Moments family in 1995. Loraine is certified both as a Primary teacher and a Director. She is the mother of two, Madicella and Jeremy and grandmother of four,  who have all attended Montessori Moments.




Ms. Brittney has worked with children for 11 years. Her long-term goal is to help children have equal opportunities and succeed in life. She is currently working towards her Associate Degree in the Arts and plans to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at the University of Houston. Ms. Brittney began her journey at Montessori Moments in 2010. Since then, we have seen her continually flourish throughout the years. She has worked as a Primary class assistant, Toddler class assistant, and now has a lead role in Office Administration. Her leisure activities include spending time with family, trying new restaurants, and watching movies. 

Lead Teachers



Lead Teacher, Primary

Ms. Cecilia is a native of Peru. She became interested in Montessori education at the University of Lima while studying accounting and special education. After moving to Houston in 1991 and starting her family, she received her primary certification in 2000. She joined the Montessori Moments family in 2010, bringing with her 10 years of experience as a lead Montessori teacher. 



Lead Teacher, Primary

Ms. Madicella is a true Montessori child! She began her Montessori journey as an infant and her mother has been a Montessori teacher since before she was born. Ms. Madi started taking her Montessori course work through Houston Montessori Center, an AMS affiliate, in 2009, and completed her certification in 2017. Her years of studying and working in a Montessori classroom has given her invaluable experience that she uses to serve her students’ needs. She is the proud mother of three beautiful children, all of whom have gone through our school, and the youngest is currently enrolled in Primary!



Lead Teacher, Primary

Ms. Kacie and her family live in Hempstead on a 35 acre farm, where she enjoys nature, working in the yard and baking with her young daughter. Ms. Kacie began her Montessori journey in 2004, working as an assistant teacher with the long term goal of leading her own classroom one day. In 2015 she received her Montessori Certification by completing her lead teacher training through the Houston Montessori Center. Ms. Kacie has a strong passion for child centered education and believes that learning should be an organic process in a well prepared and guided environment 



Lead Teacher, Toddler Community

 Ms. Rikki was born and raised in Galveston. She moved to Rosenburg and began working in Montessori education in 2004. She joined the Montessori Moments family in 2007 and completed the course work for the Toddler Certification in 2010. Rikki serves as one of the certified Montessori teachers in the toddler class. 



Lead Teacher, Elementary
Ms Katja is our Lead Elementary teacher. In addition to having her Montessori Certification she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and English from the University of Rostock in Germany. She comes to Montessori Moments with valuable experience in special education, having taught elementary and middle school aged children both in Germany and here in Texas. She is a mother to two daughters Emily and Mila, who both attended a Montessori preschool. She lives with her family in Copperfield.